SOLD   Female #1 is a little golden sweetheart with big bold spots a black lined nose.  She’s a smart one  who  studies everything I do, always learning  and quick to figure things out.   She’s the kind of kitten who would just as soon sit on your lap and be petted all day long. She enjoys playing with her toy mouse & bird watching out the window but is also rather fast on the cat wheel  & loves playing in the bathtub.   

She’s available as a pet for $2000  or a TICA registered breeder for $3000. 

Shipping possible for $350 includes health certificate, carrier & flight.  

All kittens come with 2 sets of shots, rabies shot, a microchip & TICA registration paperwork.


female 1

female 1

girl #1 Peanut on the right


check out the spots on girl 1

female 1 loves water!!!


cat yoga

Girl 1 with her doggie

Female 1

Female 1

Female 1

Female 1

little sweetie girl 1

girl 1 on my lap

Male #1

Male #2

Female #1

Female #2

Female #3